Speaking Clients:

Sarasota Economics Teach-In
Chandler Chamber of Commerce
Small Business Boot Camp
Investment Club of Sun City West
The Business Forum
My Money Life Financial Expo
Spokane Human Rights Commission
National Assoc. Women Business Owners
Alliance of Women and Technology
NAWBO 2010 Women's Resource Day
National Speaker Association Living Room Forum
American Business Women's Association
Entrepreneurial Mothers Association


How to Create Jobs
Government doesn't create jobs, businesses do. But
government can apply the gas that drives the
economic engine. What is that gas? Business and
consumer confidence. Find out how the government
can create 3.3 million new jobs without adding to the
$16 trillion debt.

Profit Now from Today's Top  Economic Trends
Get clear about the most critical economic trends.  
You'll find out the indicators to watch...and the ones
you can safely ignore. You'll understand how these
changes affect you and your business. Most
important, you'll be guided on how to take advantage
of these trends to increase your profits. You'll walk
away with concrete action steps you can within the
next 24 hours.

Beyond the Great Recession
Like a wildfire, the Great Recession transformed the
economic landscape forever. To understand these
changes, you first need to get clear on what really
caused the recession  - and how close we came to
global economic collapse. Armed with that clarity,
you'll learn in this speech what your business needs
to do to capture wary (and weary) consumers. You'll
find out how to stay focused in an uncertain economy
– and why it's one of the four most important
strategies you can take right now.

The Economics of Diversity
In the post-recession era, you can't afford NOT to
leverage diversity. Why? Emerging economic trends
are driving the growing power of a diverse work force.
That means companies who value diversity - and
communicate that value - have a significant
competitive edge. The proven result? More profits.

How to Sparkle in a Dull Economy
In this customized program, Kimberly can present to
your staff, team or company the economic reasons
why a new business strategy is needed. Before the
presentation, Kimberly will consult with your company
to explore with you how the  changing economy
impacts your specific business.  She will guide you to
see which parts of your business will respond well to
the new environment, and which ones are  non-
profitable distractions.  Take advantage of Kimberly's
integrated background in business planning,
marketing strategy and economic analysis. This rare
combination allows her to tailor your business
strategy to economic reality.
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"Enlightening, eye-opening and empowering. I now can
easily grasp the leading indicators and what to really look
at to make better judgments."
Suzanne Jones, Scottsdale
Chapter of the National Association of Women Business
Owners (NAWBO)

"Your presentation is clear, concise and extremely
relevant. I have more confidence in moving forward in my
Lynda Bishop, Summit Alliance Solutions

"I felt empowered after listening to your speech. The best
part was having concrete examples of things to do in my
Julie Heiland, J. Heiland Interiors

"Anyone who can make you laugh while learning about the
economy is a brilliant speaker in my book."
Pat Lloyd,
Prism Financial Group

"Those 3 Tips to Prepare help me reflect on my life and
create strategies to deal with the stress of work and life.
Thank you!"
Michael Lin, Medtronic

"Forget Economics 101! Kimberly makes it easy,
interesting and, most important, applicable to your own
Holly Majcher, J. Hilburn Men's Clothier

"Kimberly helps you understand economics in a simple and
fun format. Plus, she explains how it affects your business.
Motivating and insightful!"
Diana Rosine, Melaleuca

"I love Kimberly's energy and passion for economics. Her
spirit captivated and engaged the audience."
Allison Zirkle,
Red Door Spas

"You make economic talk common sense. And you shared
how key economic factors impact small businesses!"

Catherine Marsh, Marshcroft Enterprises

"Very insightful and encouraging. I now know I can succeed
in business  and life regardless of the economy."

Bernadette Washington, Melaleuca

"A fabulous keynote! Entertaining and informative. A rare
Anna Weber, Voices in Print

"What a fun way to learn about economics. You are
Elaine Zito, Zito Financial

"You made economics easy to understand and showed me
there's light at the end of the tunnel."
Susan Ratliff, Exhibit

"I laughed my way to economic enlightenment!" Debbie
Davis, SPAtacular Sleekskin

"You made a scary topic understandable. You gave me
examples I could not only relate to, but specific actions to
improve my own economic well being. Plus, it was
entertaining and easy to listen to!"
Don Thoren, CPAE,
CMC,  Founder Thoren Group LLC, Member Speaker Hall
of Fame

"With gratitude for sharing your expertise on a level of
understanding for the rest of us."
Jacki Wszalek, Despin

"Kimberly was fabulous. Love how she brought comedy to
economic education."
Linda Celeya, Fresh Start Women's

"Your speech was just precisely the kind of insight we
John  Hodges, Deer Valley Rotary Club.

"Your interesting material gives a new look at life, the world
and the economy."
 Dewey Darwin, North Phoenix Rotary


From the Evolving Global Economy
  • Explore What's Possible
  • Exploit Market Trends
  • Expand Your Prosperity™

How? Hear Kimberly point out how
economic trends affect you.
Understand the shifts that are
changing your life. Most important,
find out the 3 practical steps you need
to take now to safeguard both your
business and personal financial future.