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"Kimberly did an amazing job of clarifying my target market and value proposition.  She really listened
to my complex stream of thoughts. She then asked some powerful questions that focused and simplified
my messages beautifully.  The result? I had clear actions for moving forward. I felt a weight had been
lifted when we were done!" Paula Shoup, President,
Internal GPS

"You brought focus and clarity to my business plan in a short time!  It was just the impetus needed to
your ideas.  The trend is likely to continue as I keep my focus on implementing even more of the ideas
you presented.  Thank you!" Jackie Wszalek, President,
Despins Printing and Graphics  

“Working with you to change my business model saved my company $72,000 a year. Your expertise
helped me see things I never could have seen on my own.” Kathleen Thoren, President,  Amazing You

"Other consultants want you to do what they want. Kimberly quickly guided me to find what I want. We
have fun while she keeps me on task and focused. I get action steps and plans that get me the
powerful results I always wanted, but somehow couldn't get without her." Maggie Hunts, President and
It's a Sweet Life Now!
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Kimberly Amadeo provides an integrated solution using her background in business planning,
marketing strategy and economic analysis. This rare combination allows her to tailor business
strategies to economic reality. Best of all, her easy-to-understand system keeps you focused on
the essential core of your business.

  1. Refocus on the parts of your business that respond well to the evolving global marketplace.
  2. Design programs that eliminate non-profitable business distractions, leverage strengths,
    and add only activities that are in alignment with your competitive advantage.  
  3. Reposition your business around the alignment.

  • Profitable new market opportunities based on analysis of global economic trends.
  • New product business plan.
  • Clear communication strategy through inspiring reports and presentations.