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Excerpt from Beyond the Great Recession:

Although a lot has been written and said about the Great Recession, it is still the greatest story never
told. It has all the elements of a tragedy—greed, irony, fear. It also has heroes racing against time to
prevent global destruction. There is a tinge of science fiction, as weird monsters like credit default
swaps mushroomed beyond the control of their masters, and zombies like LIBOR rose from the dead
again and again. Most important, it’s a true tale that impacts your wallet, your job and your home.

You’ve heard the phrase “No pain, no gain.” Well, you’ve already felt the pain. Learn from it, and you’ll
get the gain. Find out what really caused the Great Recession, and you’ll see how to move beyond it.

Oh, and here’s another little known secret. You can make just as much money in a down economy as
an up one … if you know what to do and when to do it. You’ve heard them say “Knowledge is power.”
What they haven’t told you is knowledge is power only when it’s put into action. That’s why we’ll walk
through what happened, how it affects you and what you can do about it. That’s how to be, as they
say, upbeat in a down economy. Or, how to be, as I say, sparkling in a flat economy.
Beyond the Great Recession:
What Happened and How to Prosper

Beyond the Great Recession guides you through
today's post-recession world. Get clear on what really
caused the financial crisis, the trends that emerged as a
result, and how to prosper now.

This small (5x8), 216-page book has an easy-to-read
12pt font. It also provides a glossary and a timeline of
events to keep you in the know.

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1.  What the Heck Is a Recession, Anyway?
2.  Subprime Canary in the Coal Mine
3.  When Banks Play Musical Chairs
4.  Bear Attack
5.  The Day that Atlas Shrugged
6.  Obama Calls in the Big Dogs
7.  How to Prosper

Timeline of Events
"This book will change the way you view what happened," Dana Anspach, Guide to
Money Over 55